Market Analysis Report (15 Feb 2019)

Have You Ever Encountered Hacking Damage on Exchanges?

In recent years, a large amount of money was invested in cryptocurrencies, and truly many exchanges were hacked. Every time they are hacked they lose assets, the stolen coins are sold in the market, and the economy of that coin is destroyed.

Hot wallet on exchanges is always open on the blockchain. Therefore, the risk of hacking increases as cryptocurrency is attracting again.

Is there a future that will put any practical use on that matter?

As a practical option, we need to promote decentralized exchanges where each customer manages assets. However, since DEX cannot take a transaction fee in terms of structure, development has not well progressed in many projects, and because it can trade any scam token, its desolated.

The RAIZER project has already completed its DEX which solved all the aforementioned problems, and now we will do the ICO of RAIZER token.

The RAIZER will distribute all the exchange fees to the token holders. Since the development team didn’t take its own fee, their position will be equal to a token holder. Besides that, the RAIZER holder can recommend a token for listing on RAIZER DEX by locking the token. The action for the holder to maximize profit is listing a prospective token and exclude scams. So scam tokens cannot enter into RAIZER DEX.

The more prospective tokens, the more investors will get the valuable investment place, the more RAIZER token will be locked and value inflation is occurring.

We will continue to support startups in tokens one after another and evolve into a platform for entrepreneurship and investment that handles promising tokens around the world using side chains.

DEX will attract attention around the world in 2019. Let’s make the future together.

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