Market Analysis Report (14 Jan 2019)

State of the Crypto

Bitcoin is down 2.31% at $3,573.430 with a volume of Ƀ46.4k – $165.8M on the USD pairs.

Ether is down 3.79% against Bitcoin at Ƀ0.03301 per Ether and down 6.03% against the dollar to $117.86 with average volume Ƀ73.5k on the ETH/BTC pair.

EOS is down 3.22% to Ƀ0.0006429 on Ƀ36.8k volume.

Ripple is down 0.66% to Ƀ0.00009058 with volumes of Ƀ26.5k and down 2.88% against the dollar at $0.3241.

Litecoin is down 6.76% against the dollar for the day at $30.46 and down 4.73% to Ƀ0.008533 on volumes of Ƀ19.9k.

Tron is up 7.06% to Ƀ0.00000667 on Ƀ19.1k volume.

Zcash is down 2.34% for the day to Ƀ0.01502 per ZEC and down 4.37% against the dollar to $54.3 with an average volume of Ƀ7.1k for the 24 hour period.

Waves is up 9.41% to Ƀ0.0007651 on Ƀ6.4k volume.

Dash is down 1.3% at Ƀ0.0198 with Ƀ6.3k volume and down 3.43% against the dollar at $71.5.

Ether Classic is down 3.96% to Ƀ0.001189 with volumes of Ƀ6.1k and down 6.11% against the dollar at $4.3.

Bitcoin Cash is down 3.81% to Ƀ0.03531 with volumes of Ƀ4.6k and down 6.15% against the dollar at $125.23.

Neo is down 2.19% for the day to Ƀ0.002056 per NEO and down 4.49% against the dollar to $7.44 with an average volume of Ƀ3.9k for the 24 hour period.

Stellar is down 3.19% to Ƀ0.00002946 on Ƀ3.3k volume.

Cardano is down 3.53% to Ƀ0.00001148 on Ƀ2.1k volume.

Monero is down 2.59% against the dollar at $44.46 and down 0.32% against Bitcoin at Ƀ0.01231 on volumes of Ƀ1.1k.

Iota is down 4.6% to Ƀ0.00008072 on Ƀ687.556 volume.

NEM is down 2.24% to Ƀ0.00001573 on Ƀ563.211 volume.

Stratis is down 4.81% to Ƀ0.0002354 on Ƀ434.032 volume.

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