Market Analysis Report (14 Dec 2018)

CryptoCompare’s CTO Talks About the Commercial API Journey

Building a well-designed and scalable API is not a piece of cake and Vlad Cealicu, our CTO, explains in a recent blog post the challenges the team had to face to get there. As one of the oldest and most experienced API providers in the crypto space, we started building the service as a response to customer demand for a commercial offering. Our team is currently working on adding more features and we’re all really excited to continue improving our API. If you want to know the full story and find out what we have planned, read our blog post here.

PayPal Gets Into Blockchain, But Only Internally Among Employees

Payments platform PayPal has so far avoided cryptocurrency acceptance and, at least visibly, not considered blockchain for its platform. Now, it has launched an internal blockchain-based employee incentive program. A production of PayPal’s innovation lab, in San Jose, California, the platform took 25 strong team six-months to build and went live this November. PayPal’s new blockchain platform rewards employees in crypto-tokens, but they only have value inside of PayPal and the platform. Staff can earn tokens by joining innovation programs and contributing ideas, they can also trade tokens. The token transactions will be recorded on the platform’s blockchain ledger and can be redeemed for over different 100 rewards, or experiences. The lab’s director of innovation, Michael Todasco, stated:

“Venmo-like feed people can like and comment on and see all the activity going on within PayPal related to innovation.”

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UCLA Launches First Accredited Blockchain Engineering Course

UCLA, which previously organized blockchain and cryptocurrency seminars through its Anderson School of Management, has now announced that it will be running a full technical blockchain programming course from January 2019. The course will be offered as 4-credit special topics course, which would be an upper-division elective requirement that is open to both students of electrical and computer engineering and computer science. It will cover topics including an overview of blockchain-related concepts, Ethereum, decentralized apps (dApps), crypto tokens, smart contracts, hash functions, and more.

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