Market Analysis Report (13 Jun 2018)

Trippki – The Evolution of Travel Token Sale Is Now On

Imagine earning every time you post a genuine review. The Trippki rewards system allows you to earn TRIP tokens every time you book and stay through their Proof of Stay system. Wherever you are, wherever you have been, if you’ve been with Trippki, they’ll reward you.

A great many travel sites enable you to post your thoughts. They then sell on the value of your content and profit from it. That is not the case with TRIP rewards. You stay, you post, you earn; no more middlemen benefiting from your wisdom. The Trippki Proof of Stay system guarantees that only proven visitors can comment, so the ecosystem is safe from bad actors or malign influencers taking advantage of open platforms. Similarly, guests are rewarded for their efforts and quite simply the more you stay, the more you share, the more you earn.

The Trippki token sale is now on. Visit to learn how to participate and begin to let your love of travel pay.

AnarchaPortugal – The Premier Event for Free Thinkers on Conscious Decentralization

AnarchaPortugal, cordially invites you to its premier event in Porto, July 19 & 20. With this backdrop of one of the most stunning cities in the world, we curate the most liberated minds in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, governance philosophy, education, machine learning, consciousness, permaculture, biohacking and more, and blend in artists, developers, wellness experts, and designers to chart the course of the economic and thought re-evolution underway.

Keynote speakers include Walter Block, Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower, Brittany Kaiser; Ethereum Co-founder Taylor Gerring; President of Europe’s newest country, Liberland – Vít Jedlička and many others. Engage with more than 500 participants, 30+ speakers, interactive workshops, live painting and art performances & installations, health & wellness activities, exclusive networking events and decentralized dance parties.

Tickets are selling very fast – secure your Early Adopter Tickets here (only available for the next 48 hours) or apply as a sponsor to by July 1.

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