Market Analysis Report (05 Dec 2017)

AppCoins: The Future of App Stores is Powered by Blockchain

AppCoins s the world’s first open and distributed protocol for the app economy and a new cryptocurrency that users can earn and spend in app stores. The protocol will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and will have its first implementation at Aptoide App Store, serving over 200 million active users worldwide. AppCoins will then be open for adoption by other app stores and Aptoide projects that more than 1.3 billion users will be using AppCoins powered app stores.

Today’s app economy presents three main flaws: inefficient mobile advertising, inaccessible in-app purchases and non-transparent app approval processes. AppCoins gives users new purchasing possibilities, increases monetization potential for developers and automates the app approval process. By reducing intermediaries and operating on the blockchain, AppCoins creates a safer and more value-driven app ecosystem.

To raise funds for the development of the protocol, AppCoins will hold a public ICO starting December 13th. The ICO pre-sale was completed in November, selling more than 20 million APPC tokens to over 800 participants and raising a total of $1.8M USD.

CoinFi – The First Decentralized Market Intelligence Platform

CoinFi, the cryptocurrency market intelligence platform, is now accepting whitelist registrations for its ICO with a hard cap of $15 million, to further expand its technology and hedge fund-calibre trading tools for real-time news, data, analysis and signals on the crypto markets.

A portion of funds raised will also be used to compensate and leverage the wisdom of the crowds, which will help curate and produce crypto research/analysis in a unique token-for-information ecosystem.

CoinFi already contracts a team of several junior equities analysts to help perform altcoin research and compile data. The team has also developed several in-house trading signals that are undergoing internal alpha testing, with promising results.

The first round of the presale begins Dec 15, 2017, with bonuses up to 35%. With only a $1.6 million cap on the round, interested participants are highly encouraged to reserve their spot on the whitelist now by registering here.

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