Market Analysis Report (13 Nov 2017)

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SPHTX added to  Upcoming ICO list

Uncensorable Archive Archain Gets a New logo, Token Name, Launches Test Network and App Competition!

The Archain project is creating a cryptocurrency-based decentralized and uncensorable archive parallel to the internet, as previously written about here on CryptoCompare.  Following a successful token pre-sale period, the Archain project team has been pushing forward with an aggressive development timeline, launching the alpha test network 8 weeks ahead of schedule. Building on the Archain project’s spirit of community involvement, backers were recently invited to help choose a new logo for the project, and the winning design was announced this week. To accompany the brand-new logo rolling out, the name of the tokens used on the Archain network has been changed to AR cash (and will use the ticker AR).

Excitingly, this week also saw the launch of the very first Archain app development competition, to encourage developers to take advantage of Archain’s unique decentralized application model. Archain allows developers to build decentralized apps with their favourite languages and tools, making adoption simple. With large prizes of AR available for the best-judged applications, plus an investment pool of up to $10,000 up for grabs, the competition is designed to kickstart the Archain app development community.

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HydroMiner –  Eco-Friendly Mining Operation

Hydrominer is a project that is working to bring mining back to the masses in an environment-friendly manner. The company plans to create an eco-friendly mining operation, capable of mitigating energy consumption costs as well as the human impact on the environment while making cryptocurrency cloud mining services available to users around the world for a competitive and fair price.

Austria leads the world in renewable energy, generating the most renewable energy among EU countries, and HydroMiner currently operates two hydropower stations near Vienna, the capital of Austria. It has been apparent from the beginning that the HydroMiner project would be a unique opportunity to present itself among blockchain enterprises.

At the time of writing the HydroMiner ICO has raised more than 8,000 ETH in just 25 days. The Hydrominer ICO is will last for 2 more days. Those who contribute from now to 15 November will still benefit from a 5% bonus on all token purchases.

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