Market Analysis Report (03 Nov 2017)

Bitcoin Gold Issues Daily Updates, Adds Replay Protection

In an attempt to shed more light on the project, the BTG development team announced a campaign of daily updates. Replay Protection Fully Implemented is the first instalment for the update series. The announcement reads:

“In order to ensure the safety of the Bitcoin ecosystem, Bitcoin Gold has implemented full replay protection, an essential feature that protects users coins from being spent unintentionally.”

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Amazon Buys Three Cryptocurrency Domains

Speculation is running rampant that Amazon may be planning on entering the cryptocurrency world. According to CNBC, Amazon has purchased three domain names related to cryptocurrencies. The three new domains that Amazon picked up are,, and The corporation already owns the website. The recent update further fuels the rumors that Amazon is planning to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for its platform.

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SEC Accuses Day Trader of Using Bitcoin to Hide Profits

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a lawsuit against Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based day trader Joseph Willner for allegedly using the digital currency Bitcoin to hide his profits.

In its press release, the SEC claimed that Willner has utilized the services of an unnamed Bitcoin exchange to convert the funds from US dollars to Bitcoin to hide his profits. The proceeds of the exchange were transferred to another individual, who was not included in the case. The press release reads:

“To mask his payments to the other individual as part of a profit-sharing arrangement, Willner allegedly transferred proceeds of profitable trades to a digital currency company that converts US dollars to Bitcoin and then transmitted the bitcoins as payment.”

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