Genesis Mining

3% DISCOUNT PROMO CODE: guLnH7 offers you a smart and easy way to invest your money. Their solution is suitable for those who are new to the world of crypto currencies, as well as for cryptocurrency experts and large-scale investors. Genesis Mining is the World’s first large scale multi-algorithm cloud mining service offering an alternative to those who would like to engage in Bitcoin and altcoin mining.

3% DISCOUNT PROMO CODE : guLnH7 3% Discount Promo Code: guLnH7

Assuming there was a rule guiding all bitcoin cloud mining participants to stick to only one website, it is likely that more than half of the people will stick to With a lot of review flooding the internet, more people are beginning to appreciate the efforts made by Genesis Mining Company. This is not a surprise having known that it began operations since 2013 when many other mining services were not yet born.

One of the things that have contributed to the success of the site is knowledge and experience. The company always has a plethora of programmers and engineers with which it can boast with. Many hardware developers also come to them for partnership and that has always helped it to remain in business even when times are hard.

Marco Streng, Jakov Dolic, and Stefan Schindler are all among the people at the helm of the company’s affairs. These are not fake names as you can see on the site that their pictures and contact information are all provided. Some of these directors are mathematicians while some are successful entrepreneurs in different walks of life.

Genesis Mining Limited has two major offices, one in Hong Kong and the other in Iceland. The Hong Kong office is at Chinachem Century Tower, 31/F, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong while the Iceland branch is at Borgartuni 27, 105 Reykjavik Iceland. Both branches have some powerful hardware that validates every Genesis Mining review we see on the internet. Apart from monitoring sites, Genesis Mining Company has an advantage of being appraised on some of the most authoritative sites on finance matters. They include The Huffington Post, Business Insider Coin, The Economist, CNBC, Coindesk, International Business Times, and Bloomberg Business.


To participate in Genesis Mining, all you have to do is to register on After the registration, you can choose any of your preferred e-currency to purchase your hash power. You will then be qualified to receive daily profits and make an authentic review just like others who have already started benefiting from the company. Overview has several links, even more than many other investment sites. This is not the company’s fault because it is a large organization offering more than one type of service. With up to 21 different languages on the site, one can know a lot about Genesis Mining even without looking for a translator. However, if English is your first language, you won’t need to convert to any other language because it comes as the default language. Some of the languages you will find there are Deutsch, Italiano, Svenska, Norsk, Polski and over ten others.

Small and large scale investors interested in Genesis Mining can get started by registering on the site and making a first deposit, no matter how much or little it may look.

There are several reviews on the website and every one of them was inspired by a personal experience. As a matter of fact, it is hard to find any Genesis Mining review that has a negative connotation. To read some reviews about Genesis-mining.comenter the website and look for the “Reviews” link along the right margin. Benefits

In this review, we shall try to highlight some of the reasons why Genesis Mining may be the most convenient for you.


Many mining farms is a robust company with several mining farms. This is of utmost benefit to you as an investor because it guarantees maximum uptime, even when some centers may not be fully functional. Instead of closing down when a mining farm is no longer functional, your profits will rather be reduced until things get back to normal. This is one feature lacking in many other mining centers.


Mine Bitcoins and several Altcoins

Apart from bitcoins, this Genesis Mining review also indicates that you can also mine altcoins. The altcoins available in Genesis Mining include Litecoin, Dogecoin and others. We discovered that you can mine the different cryptocurrencies at once. For instance, you can start mining bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero immediately after creating your account. This tells you why almost every review you have come across speaks volumes about this mining company. Some Genesis mining review written in the past included Dash, Litecoin, and Zcash as some of the other cryptocurrencies offered by, but it appears that the packages are presently out of stock. The company will probably resume its activities on these altcoins in the future.


Affordable Plans

It would be inappropriate to give a full Genesis Mining review without mentioning how much the company sells its packages. One thing you should know is that the plans are not the same for the different cryptocurrencies available. To mine Bitcoin, you would need at least $30 to start with. This amount of money will give you 200 GH/s which provides an open-ended bitcoin mining project for you. The open-ended plan means that there is no specific duration for the contract. intends to make it last forever but it appears this can be affected by some factors including mining difficulty, exchange rate between BTC and USD, and maintenance fee. These three factors also affect the daily profits distributed. There are actually no specific gains listed on any Genesis Mining review on the internet. The maintenance fee will be deducted before your daily profit gets to you. Don’t worry, it is only 0.00028 USD per GH/S every mining day.

Apart from the $30 Gold plan, there are also the Platinum and Diamond plans. The Platinum plan costs $350 while the Diamond plan costs $1950 for 2,500 GH/s and 15,000 GH/s respectively. In all cases, maintenance fee applies and you aren’t sure of the duration since they are all open-ended bitcoin mining projects.

The situation is quite different when it comes to a Genesis mining review for Ethereum. All Ethereum projects are fixed for 2 years and there are no maintenance fees. It has three plans like Bitcoin mining and they include the Small Plan (for $29.99), the Medium Plan (for $869), and the Large Plan (for $2799). These amounts can be purchased for 1 MH/s, 30 MH/s and 100 MH/s respectively.

Just like Ethereum, Monero (XMR) has a fixed duration of 24 months and attracts no maintenance fees. The profits earned can be converted to DASH or Zcash for an easy exchange. The Monero Plans vary with the mining powers assigned. For 60 H/s, 1000 H/s or 3000 H/s, you can get them for $49.99, $819 or $2399 respectively.


Devise your Custom Plan

For every product offered by, you can make a customized plan of it. That means that if you have something in mind that is quite different from the three stated plans in each case, you can still approach the support team with your idea. Each of the cryptocurrencies considered on Genesis Mining has its own custom plan. You can choose custom plans higher than the starters for each of them.


Credit Card Payments accepts VISA and Master Card payments. Orders above 50 USD don’t attract any fee. Viral Alert wouldn’t recommend this for you because it will take up to 32 days to get the first profit. has this in its Terms of Contract because it wants to curb credit card fraud.


Cryptocurrency Payments

Use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Dash anyhow you want to. You can pay in one cryptocurrency and auto trade it for a different cryptocurrency. That is the beauty of choosing


Fast Customer Service

To serve their customers well, has created a support ticket online so that queries can be submitted. If you have questions not addressed on the FAQ section, feel free to address it using the online support form. You can find it on the “customer service” page.


Affiliate System has a unique affiliate system. First of all, every registered member receives a promo code on his or her dashboard immediately after registering. You need to tell your friends that they will be given a 3% discount on all purchases they make with your discount code. In turn, you will get a hashpower upgrade. The upgrade you get depends on your current affiliate rank. At rank 1 (the starter tier), you will be given 2.5% of the quantity of hashpower your referral buys. That means that if they go for 10 MH/s for instance, you will get 0.25 MH/s free of charge, and this will be used to determine your next earnings.

There are 8 ranks in the affiliate system. You will get to the next rank after the starter rank when you have generated $100 in successful referrals. On rank 2, you will be paid 3% of the quantity of hashpower your referral purchases. The upgrade increases up to the 8th level if you keep working hard.


Conclusion is doing well. It has a structure that makes it look like it will never be classified as a scam. Even though daily payment returns are unknown at the point of participation, you can be assured that you will have profits every time. By reading one review to another, you will come to agree that this mining company is indeed one of the best in our time.

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